The importance of the headshot for models and actors

As a model or actor, your headshot is your first impression; the headshot is the first thing casting agents will see. When you go to a job interview, you will spend the extra time to look you best and make the best impression. Your head shot should be no different.

There are many budget photographers who will do headshots cheaply. But is that really wise? You need more than just a picture. You need a really good picture.

Mark has been doing professional headshots for over a decade and has worked with many of top agencies around the country. He knows what casting agents are looking for and will spend time talking with you about the type of role you are auditioning for or type of job you are trying to book. He will give you recommendations for what to wear to the photo shoot and if having your hair or makeup done professionally is recommended.

Mark offers headshot sessions and complete portfolio sessions with multiple looks. Contact Mark today to book your photo shoot. 

Actor and Model Headshots

Actor and Model Headshots